Practice Survey Reporting


Deerness Park Medical Group

In conjunction with Patient Participation Group






                Q1   When did you last see or speak to a GP from your GP surgery?


                        In the past 3 months                                                          83%

                       Between 3 and 6 months ago                                           13%

                       Between 6 and 12 months ago                                        4%

                       More than 12 months ago                                     0

                       I have never seen a GP from my GP surgery                  0


                   Q2    When did you last see or speak to a nurse from your GP surgery?


                                In the past 3 months                                                 52%

                                Between 3 and 6 months ago                                            21%

                                Between 6 and 12 months ago                                       11%       

                                More than 12 months ago                                       8%

                                I have never seen a nurse from my GP surgery         8%


                Q3    Generally, how easy is it to get through to someone at your GP                                               

                         surgery on the phone?


                                  Very easy                                           71%

                                  Not very easy                                     27%

                                  Haven’t tried                                        2%


                    Q4     How helpful do you find the receptionists at your GP surgery?


                                 Very helpful                             87%

                                 Fairly helpful                            11%

                                 Not very helpful                               2%

                                 Not at all helpful                                    0


                    Q5     How do you normally book your appointments to see a GP or nurse 

                         at your GP surgery?


                                   In person                             37%

                                   By phone                          63%

                                   Both                                               89%






                Q6    Which of the following methods would you prefer to use to book

                        appointments at your GP surgery?


                                    In person                              13%

                                    By phone                                    65%

                                    By internet                                  22%

                                    Do you have internet facilities?  67% of patients stated they had the internet


              Q7       Last time you contacted your GP surgery: Did you want to?


                               See a GP at the surgery                                79%

                               See a nurse at the surgery                4%

                               Speak to a GP on the phone                        11%

                               Speak to a nurse on the phone                    0

                               Have someone visit you at my home           6%


             Q8      Were you able to get an appointment to see or speak to someone?


                               Yes 81%                                     No    9%      


                                Yes, but I had to call back closer to or on the day I wanted the appointment. 10%


            Q9       What type of appointment did you get?


                               to see a nurse at the surgery                                      3%

                               to speak to a GP on the phone                                 58%

                               to speak to a nurse on the phone                     36%

                               for someone to visit me at my home                          3%


            Q10     If you weren’t able to get an appointment or the appointment you

                         were offered wasn’t convenient, why was that?


                              There weren’t any appointments for the day I wanted.        0

                              There weren’t any appointments for the time I wanted.       0

                              There weren't any appointments for the surgery I wanted.  2%

                               I couldn’t see my preferred GP.                                                        4%

                               I couldn’t book ahead at my GP surgery.                             3%

                              Another reason                                                                           0


          Q11    If the appointment was unsuitable for you on that occasion what did you do?  


                              Got an appointment for a different day.                   0

                              Had a consultation over the phone                0

                              Went to A&E / a walk-in centre.                                 3%

                              Saw a pharmacist                                                      0

                              Decided to contact my surgery another time           0

                              Didn’t see or speak to anyone                                  0




      Q12   Overall, how would you describe your experience of making an appointment?


                                   Very good                                       84%

                                   Fairly good                                    17%

                                   Fairly poor                                       3%

                                   Very poor


      Q13  Did you have confidence and trust in the GP or nurse you saw or spoke to?


                                   Yes, definitely                                             89%

                                   Yes, to some extent                                     6%

                                    No, not at all                                                 2%

                                    Don’t know / can’t say                           3%         



      Q14     How long after your appointment time do you normally wait to be seen?


                                Less than 5 minutes 5 to 15 minutes                   21%

                                More than 15 minutes                                            18%

                                I don't normally have to wait too long.                   52%

                                I have to wait far too long                             9%


     Q15     How satisfied are you with the hours that your GP surgery is open?


                                  Very satisfied                                                          77%

                                  Fairly satisfied                                                         11%

                                  Fairly dissatisfied                                        10%

                                  Very dissatisfied                                                       0

                                   I’m not sure when my GP surgery is open             2%


     Q16      Overall, how would you describe your experience of your GP surgery?


                                    Very good                             61%

                                    Fairly good                            36%

                                    Fairly poor                               3%

                                    Very poor                                0


    Q17   Would you recommend your GP surgery to your friends, or family?


                                 Yes  84%                                      No16%







    Q18    Do you know how to contact an out-of-hours GP Service when the surgery is closed?


                           Yes  63%                                                No 37%



    Q19      In the past 6 months, have you tried to call an out-of-hours GP service when the surgery was



                                Yes     27%                   No  73 %


       Q20    How easy was it to contact the out-of-hours GP service by telephone?


                               Very easy    79%                                     Not at all easy 21%


     Q21    Are you male or female?


                               Male   38%                                     Female    62%


     Q22   How old are you?


                                    Under 18                        1 8 to 24     1%          25 to 34 3%              35 to 44   11%

                              45 to 50     20%           55 to  64  28%         65 to 74  39 %          75 to 84   22%                                            

                              85 or over  4%                                                                                        


    Q23      Are you a Veteran of HMS Forces ?


                    1% Yes                05 No


    Q24      Are you an unpaid Carer? 



2%   Yes, 1-9 hours a week

1%   Yes, 10-19 hours a week

 0       Yes, 20-34 hours a week

 0      Yes, 35-49 hours a week

                      0      Yes, 50+ hours a week                   

    Q25      Have you advised the surgery that you are caring for someone?


                    2%  Yes          0% No


    Q26      Are you aware your surgery has a group of patients who meet regularly to    

                 discuss suggestions or concerns with the Practice on your behalf?


                    16%  Yes  84% No


  Q27       Would you like to join us and become part of the Patient Participation Group?


                    5% Yes      95% No

   Q28     Would you like to meet some of the members of the PPG?


                    2% Yes       87% No

  Q29     Do you know how you can contact your Patient Participation Group?


                    14%  Yes   83 % No


  Q30     Do you read your Surgery/Patient Newsletter (EVE) produced by the Patient

              Participation Group? is available online or in your surgery.


                 23% Yes  73% No


   Q31    Would you appreciate and support special coffee mornings when a specific

              topic/issue would be discussed?


                    13% Yes     61 % No


   Q32     Do you have a health condition that you would like to know more about, or maybe you would

               appreciate support by meeting with fellow patients with the same condition?


                    6% Yes 63% No


  Q33     Your Patient Participation Group intends to organise a coffee morning to discuss various

              health issues.  Would you be interested in attending.


                    11% Yes  71%  No




Following the PPG February Meeting and having discussed the annual survey outcomes the following plan was agreed











Recruit New members

In order to keep the PPG functioning and the representation truly representing the wider patients population, more patients need to be recruited for this group.


In the survey only 16% stated they new that a group met regularly 



To support PPG  with new ideas and assistance


Recruit new members


Ensure all age groups are included.


Ensure EBM are included

Posters, newsletter, jx board. Notice board, Coffee/tea events. Surveys

Commitment, support, attendance at meetings, ideas


Continue to build on the work that has taken place this year and improve communications with the wider patient group.



Educate, support, inform on health matters, raise awareness of public health matters.

In person, meetings, newsletter, events, ppg post, email. Research pamphlets, coffee mornings etc. befriending groups

Research, pamphlets, coffee mornings   volunteer



Make patients and other organisations aware of our PPG group

Attend other meetings, gather information

Commitment on behalf of PPG members

Build a relationship

Breakdown barriers and show patients they can help themselves

Newsletters, coffee mornings.  Private and confidential

Use of room and funds for refreshment, volunteers

Coffee mornings and afternoon teas



Carers, Elderly, Bereavement, Bowel Cancer, Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer, non smoking etc Relaxation groups.

Hold guest speaker meetings, offer support, befriend.

Room manned by PPG members with information and leaflets tea and coffee etc.

To attempt to lower the Failed to Cancel appointment or Non-Attendance rates.

Help patients understand the results of their actions and how they can help themselves.

By showing examples of past records.  Show scenarios.  Ask for their co-operation. Explain consequences of their actions

Newsletter, Internet, Noticeboard, JX Board.

Develop campaign for carer’s. the Practice are aware they should have in the region of 1400 careers however only 3 % of patients completing forms stated they cared for someone

Help identify carers and ensure they are aware of the support that is available to them

Dedicated campaign. Working with Sunderland East Locality to develop a carers strategy

The Practice team and CCG























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